Korean Housewares Showcase 2013 U.S.A. – Discover Korea’s Latest Tabletop, Cookware & Kitchen Essentials

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The Korea International Trade Association (KITA) is delighted to announce the continuation of its Showcase Series; the Korean Housewares Showcase 2013. This showcase is held both online and offline for a limited time in order to provide new and exclusive sourcing, trade, and partnership opportunities for U.S. companies, and the online showcase will be held October 21st to November 15th, 2013, while the offline physical showroom in New York City will be held from October 30th to November 7th.

The Korean Housewares Showcase 2013 is designed as a virtual and physical by appointment-only showcase event for U.S.-based retail buyers, merchandisers, sourcing teams, wholesalers / distributors, and manufacturers in order to provide exclusive access to a diverse range of emerging Korea-designed kitchenware, cookware, and other kitchen essentials this year. Attendees of the event will gain exclusive access to 20 of the top and emerging Korean kitchen product manufacturers and their vast offerings and latest technologies.

Preview the exciting and new products and trends in cookware, kitchen essentials, tableware products, food preparation and even fixtures firsthand. Connect with Korean manufacturers that can provide outstanding quality and product design capabilities that can help to develop new business and revenue opportunities in the Kitchenware industry and market. From an array of colorful and vibrant home kitchen products, commercial grade products, tabletop products, to even a Red Dot Design Award winner; the Korean Kitchenware Showcase 2013 is sure to offer its attendees new ideas as well as trade and partnership opportunities that are ordinarily challenging to come by.

The Korean Housewares Showcase 2013 event will be hosted both online and in-person at the New York City showroom.

Online Product Showroom

Attendees can participate in the event from anywhere in the world from October 21st to November 15th, 2013. For those with interest in working with the Korean manufacturer or with any other questions; inquiries can be made directly to the manufacturers at Tradekorea.com. Tradekorea.com is KITA’s international B2B marketplace, where buyers and Korean companies can connect from all around the globe. Click here to learn more about our exhibitors.

New York City Showroom

The New York City Showroom will be on display from October 30th to November 15th, 2013. The Showroom viewing is a free admission and on an appointment-basis and those that are in the New York City local area are encouraged to attend in order to review and experience the latest products firsthand. A KITA representative will be available at the showroom in order to curate the products as well as provide additional information. Pre-registration is mandatory, and registration / appointments can be signed up here.

– Date : October 21 (Mon) – November 15, 2013 (Fri) – Date: October 30 (Wed) – November 7 (Thu)
– Website : TradeKorea.com
– Location : KITA New York, 460 Park Avenue, 4th floor, New York, NY 10022 (Near 57th street)
– Fee : Complimentary – Fee : Complimentary

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Note : (1) From November 9th to the 12th, products will be exhibited at the IHMRS(International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show), the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in NYC. (2) Korean Housewares Showcase 2013 is open ONLY to the industry professionals. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us.



  • Namm focuses on ceramic products with creative and sustainable designs. Their line of products include Kling, Kazabue, High heel, VOU, and Digilog. KlING is a mug composed of an upper and lower body and the shape of the handle was designed to provide a sense of a stable grip for enhanced usage. <download brochure>
  • 7bee, a handmade ceramic brand that produces unique and attractively designed handmade cups and infusers. 7’bee’s advanced porcelain products, such as white porcelain, sintered at temperatures above 1280 degree offer excellent durability. Utilizing artesian processes such as hand painting and sculpting; 7’bee specializes in high quality and uniquely designed products. <download brochure>
  • Kwangjuyo is an iconic Korean porcelain manufacturer that produces elegant dinnerware masterpieces with a modern touch using traditional methods and glazes. Kwangjuyo inherits the spirit of Kwangju Kiln that used to create ceramics to the Korean royal families over centuries. Using natural materials and a hand crafting process, Kwnagjuyo aims to not only continue its fine tradition of reflecting natural beauty, but to also interpret traditional patterns and materials of ceramics with a modern sensibility. <download brochure>
  • Another Ceramic expands on the traditional concepts of ceramic tableware, and has been recognized for its uniqueness through humorous and creative thinking for every day products. A wall frame becomes a dish on the table, and the dish becomes a picture on the table. This tableware is in the form of frame, but the Korean lacquer technique allows to safely use as dinning ware as well. <download brochure>
  • Yedam uses traditional Korean pottery design as their inspiration along with naturalism, and delivering fine modern products with reasonable value for everyday use. Yedam focuses on serving safe, eco-friendly tableware to families at an affordable price point, attracting consumers around the world. <download brochure>
  • The motif of Moum is Korea traditional pottery design using elegant and simple shapes. Using the various color-glazes, which Moum continuously develops; all Moum potteries are hand crafted focusing on providing unique and beautiful products for everyday living.
  • Kottam represents the Korean tradition, and offer unique pottery lines and designs. Kottam uses silk material to maximize the whiteness of the core medium, as well as integrating blue-glaze and opaque white-glaze in order to emphasize the added aesthetics. Their lines include tableware, covered box, lighting, vase, and wall art. <download brochure>


  • My home shopping has launched a line of products that feature die-casted aluminum, eco-friendly ceramic coating, and stand type handle lid. My home shopping specializes in ceramic coating that withstands PFOA, which can be generated while being heated, and also resistant to higher heat temperatures. <download brochure>
  • Euromade Korea is specialized in dies casting, manufacturing, coasting, and heat-resist handling for pans and pots. The surface of the products sustains the non-stick and unique holographic mineral coatings in order to improve durability. Utilizing refined high purity ceramic, the products do not contain any metal substances. <download brochure>
  • Hanil has manufactured the high quality cookware for professional and commercial markets since 1962. Over 50 years of in the manufacturing, Hanil has researched and developed major cookware products worldwide in order to produce the best quality stainless cookware with bonded layers. <download brochure>
  • Silvat Korea is a cookware manufacture, uses high-purified aluminum sheet with advanced production facilities and technology. The products are hard anodized inside for abrasion resistance and maintain integrity under high temperature.
  • Kheo Sung World has manufactured with remarkable progress in the fields of household products, water & air purifier systems and various fine ceramics since 1984. Fine ceramic coated cookware has 8 hours hardness duration, which is twice more durable than normal coating products. Korean King uses eco-friendly materials that prevent the emission of PFOA, Lead, Cadmium, Melamine, and other toxins.
  • Quantum by Plus produces ‘Kitchen Icicle,’ a new form of kitchen tools that can eliminate the inconvenience that can occur while cooking. Kitchen Icicle is a set of four kitchen utensils that can hang from a specially mounted steel plate. Moreover, the unique design of the product allows its space in harmony with the kitchen interior design. <download brochure>

[Kitchen Essentials & Others]

  • JM Green develops housewares products based on advanced technology and concepts for today’s lifestyles. The freezing container / tray ‘RRE Soak!’ has been incorporated with special characteristics that enables users to store various food and ingredients in suitable sizes for cooking at a later time. <download brochure>
  • Kumho Co. produces a fruit and vegetable cleaner ‘Ansimine’ used for cleaning raw, unprepared produce. With 99.9% sterilization power, ‘Ansimine’ not only removes food poison causing bacteria, fungus, and other microorganisms as well as eliminating pathogenic bacteria offering one of the the safest way to enjoy produce in raw or cooked forms. <download brochure>
  • J&C Co. produces a permanent use silicone-based Multi Wrap ‘Easy-Home’ that can be used in the refrigerator, freezer, and microwave, and can withstand temperature ranges from -40 degrees to 180 degrees. Easy Home’s product also features Anti-ultraviolet radiation and long-term usage; useful for the outdoor life. <download brochure>
  • Shinil Global is a manufacturer of effective eco-friendly cleaning products such as scrubber, multi purpose cloth, sponge cloth, stainless steel scourers, and brass scrubber. Shinil Global supply diversified and durable products that can be used anywhere in kitchen, bathroom, garden, and etc. <download brochure>
  • SP Sink produces eco- friendly Sanitary Perfect Sink, which eliminates the use of the rubber packing. It automatically cleans the drain in the sink to restrain the propagation of germs. SP Sink aims not only to reduce environmental pollution but also to cut Sink maintenance costs. SP Sink obtained the international patents among U.S., China, and Russia and has been reviewed for the patent applications in Japan, Brazil, and Indonesia.
  • Chang sung Silicone Corporation has been manufactured the silicone and rubber containers since 1978. Chang sun Silicone Co. is proud of presenting their best selling product, Power Lock, which has acquired the patents of its ‘one touch method’ and silicone cover that is different from other existing airtight containers. As Chang sung Silicone’s continuous effort of developing better product, obtained domestic and overseas patents in U.S., Japan, China and Europe. <download brochure>
  • Royal Severes has developed and launched quality products from top global brands such as Lenox, Villeroy & Boch, Narumi, Royaldulton, Mark & Spencer, Ittala, and Mikasa for more than 20 years. Royal Severes is proud to introduce its latest innovation, the Ceramic Baby Bottle, which is formed through the intensive refinement of the pure natural materials. This eco-friendly, high quality product has been developed with a focus on eliminating the weak area of Plastic or Glass Material Body on current products. Royal Severes brings a ceramic feeding bottle that is free of endocrine-disrupting chemicals, offers excellent heat resistance, and boasts supreme durability. <download brochure>