Korean Beauty Products Showcase 2016

by / Monday, 11 April 2016 / Published in Events

The Korea International Trade Association (KITA), the largest private trade organization representing over 71,000 Korean trading and manufacturing companies, is delighted to announce its showcase series; the Korean Beauty Products Showcase 2016.

Korean Beauty Products Showcase 2016 is a online and appointment-only physical showcase event that enables U.S. brands, retail buyers, merchandisers, sourcing professionals, wholesalers & distributors, and manufacturers to gain exclusive access to a diverse range of the latest and emerging cosmetic and skin care products in Korea with the goals of developing new products and revenue opportunities.

In this showcase, KITA is premiering an eclectic group of product s ranging from skin care, makeup cosmetics, facial masks, hair care, nail care, beauty accessories and much more. Participants in this event will gain exclusive access to 17 outstanding and emerging Korean cosmetics and skincare companies on hand (and more in the online showcase), and their latest innovations.

These showcases are being held for a limited time in order to provide new and exclusive product sourcing, trade, and partnership opportunities. The online showcase will be held from today to April 29, 2016, and the New York City physical showroom located on the 4th floor of the Korean Consulate Building (460 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022, at the corner of 57th street) will commence from April 18th until April 29th, 2016.

Online Exhibition
Those who are not able to visit the New York showroom in person are certainly welcomed to review the companies and products online as well as send inquiries for additional information(catalog, price, specs, MOQ) directly to exhibitors by April 29th, 2016 by clicking on CONTACT SUPPLIER below. Any inquiry will be responded by exhibitors along with the assistance from the Korea International Trade Association (KITA).

New York City Showroom
The New York City Showroom will be on display from April 18th until April 29th, 2016. Showroom viewing is complimentary, but products can only be viewed appointment-basis. Those that are in the New York City metro area are encouraged to attend in order to review and experience the latest products firsthand. A KITA representative will be available at the showroom in order to provide individual care and curate the products as well as provide additional information that are on hand. Pre-registration / appointments can be signed up here.


Note : This event is open ONLY to the trade – industry executives and professionals. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us.


YNB Cosmetics YNB Cosmetics (SkinCube)
Skin care

SkinCube is an emerging brand created by YNB Cosmetics in 2014. Their eclectic lines of skincare, masks, cleansing and body & hair products represent a variety of aesthetic benefits, while utilizing popular ingredients such as aloe vera, and fruits, but what also sets them apart is constant innovations utilizing unique ingredients such as oyster, and snail oils.
IWcompany IWcompany (RIRE)
Cosmetics, Skin care

RiRe’s lineup places emphasis on its cosmetic and skin care products. Created by IW Co.; products include makeup products such as BB creams, lipsticks and powders, as well as eye liners, and manicure products. Their skincare and cleanser lines are also receiving high regards and represents one of the upcoming brands in Korea.
E&M CO E&M CO. (Espesso)
Hair care

The Espesso Plus line by E&M specializes on one thing; hair coloring and treatment. Their products serve to provide coloring, while nourishing and providing shine by utilizing luxurious ingredients such as diamond power, silk protein, and nano CMC (cell membrane complex). Offering natural colors as well as ones that pop; Espesso Plus provides 3-in-1 products for hair that are shiny and healthy.
BEFIT CO BEFIT CO. (Colornique)
Cosmetics, Skin Care, Nail Polish
Colornique is a young cosmetic brand that is gaining popularity quickly in the Asian market. Their main product line includes base, eye, lip makeup and nail polishes as well as cleansing and skincare products as well. Offering the more traditional cosmetic colors in addition to tastefully selected eye-catching colors; Colornique has a range of cosmetics that caters to a variety of customers.
Modam Modam Korea
Hair care, Skin care

Modam focuses on hair care by utilizing natural ingredients and effects in their product lines. Including shampoos, tonics and other products; Modam has received various patents on their products and is endorsed by celebrities and customers alike. Modam has also recently entered into the skincare market with their mask packs; an ever-popular product category coming from Korea.
Nail care

KXIDI is manufacturer that develops various lifestyle products and their latest product is the N-Twinkle, a glass nail glossing file that is effective and durable. A staple product in nail care, their design and performance improvements sets them apart from other products of its kind.
Hanbit Hanbit Korea
Skin care

Hanbit is one of the oldest skincare companies in Korea and offers various soaps and cleansers that provides functional properties with great effects. With several brands such as Atona, ACNA, and Mobalna amongst a list of growing product lines, Hanbit utilizes science and nature to create some of the best soap and cleansers in addition to other skincare-related products.
soky Soky C&T (Soky Wakan)
Hair care
Soky specializes in hair care products utilizing nature such as teas, herbs, grains, fruits and vegetables in the hopes to provide natural and safe sources, while reducing their carbon footprint on our planet. Including hair color powders as well as shampoo, conditionals, styling and oils; Soky represents a different way to achieve aesthetic goals that is more friendly to our hair and nature.
Habalan Habalan
Skin Care Device
Habalan is comprised of specialized products, advanced sonic vibration cleanser and beauty devices with multi-functions, focusing on the aesthetic idea of beauty. Combining technology with skin care; they offer a variety of devices that utilize wireless radio frequency device, wired radio frequency device, pobling as well as a line of skin care cosmetic products. Its utilization of sophisticated technology, excellent industrial designs, and results makes Habalan products stand out from the crowd.
C.A PHARM C.A PHARM CO. (Plagentra)
Skin care
Plagentra by C.A PHARM focuses on two main customer-types; the mother and the baby. Developing products specially designed for treating issues such as stretch marks and atopic dermatitis; it has also launched a line of fermented herbal cosmeceuticals for aesthetic treatment, cosmetics, and cleansing. Minimizing skin irritation but also maximize absorption by using all natural Ingredients without any hazardous ingredients.
Miguhara Miguhara
Skin care
Miguhara represents one of the rapidly emerging premium skincare brands in Korea. Although, a fairly young brand; Miguhara has developed an eclectic line of products focusing on cleansers, lotions, creams, and even mists that utilizes natural ingredients that deals with trouble spots as well as providing moisture for healthy skin.
Swanicoco Swanicoco
Skin care, Cosmetics
Swanicoco is a popular Korean brand that offers perhaps one of the most diverse and ranging group of products. Comprising of cosmetics and skincare under numerous brands, they utilize various sciences such as natural and bio-tech in order to achieve excellent results. The range of products and price points as well as experience makes Swanicoco a good example of the rapidly growing Korean cosmetic and skincare market and source.
dran D’RAN
Skin care
D’RAN pursues harmony between naturalistic skincare and dermatology. Their product line includes cleansers, masks, toners, lotions, essences / serums as well as creams for both women and men. With numerous products available and a dedication to base skincare; D’RAN represents a great selection for those looking for this category.
Skin care
Finco is a well-established skincare brand that truly offers a diverse group of products for both women and men. Focusing on issues related to wrinkles, pores, sensitive skin, aging, and sunlight; Finco has been featured on numerous fashion media and magazines as one of the go-to solutions of skincare. Finco represents a variety of skincare and even some cosmetic offerings with a recognized brand from consumers and retailers alike.
ami AMI Cosmetic Co.
Skin care, Cosmetics
AMI Cosmetic is a cosmetic company that provides various skin care solutions based on patented ingredients developed through careful selection of natural ingredients that are effective for the skin. With several brands and more in the works; AMI extracts various functions from nature and provides skincare with natural and some uniquely local ingredients.
skin factory Skin Factory
Skin care
Skin Factory began as a cosmeceutical brand pursuing the optimal skin balance, and after years of R&D; they unveiled Korea’s first paraben-free mask packs. As result, their products are free of alcohol, paraben, minerals oils, and synthetic flavors and artificial dyes minimizing irritation as well as enhancing the natural effects. Skin Factory develops face masks as well as cosmetics and other skincare products to offer a variety of products.
welcos WELCOS Co.
Skin care, Hair care
Welcos is one of the longest standing skincare and hair care product developer and manufacturer in Korea. Currently with nine brands of its own as well as a robust OEM / contracting business; their product offerings are truly diverse and covers the entire range of categories within the skin and hair care market. With the goal of creating happiness through beauty; Welcos is a great example of ready brands as well as a potential partner in developing new brands.