Korea Premier Products Showcase 2015

by / Wednesday, 23 September 2015 / Published in Events

The Korea International Trade Association (KITA) is delighted to announce the continuation of its showcase series; the Korea Premier Products Showcase 2015.

Korea Premier Products Showcase 2015 is an online as well as an appointment-only physical showcase event for U.S.-based retail buyers, merchandisers, sourcing teams, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers in order to provide exclusive access to a diverse range of the latest and emerging products in Korea, and develop new revenue opportunities.

This year, KITA is presenting the most diverse group of product categories ranging from Kitchenware, Home, Office Goods, Personal Accessories, Footwear, Mobile Accessories, Outdoor Products, Cosmetic, Skin Care, infant, Children Products to specialty products, where participant of the event will gain exclusive access to 38 of the outstanding and emerging Korean companies and their latest designs and innovations.

These showcases are being held for a limited time in order to provide new and exclusive product sourcing, trade, and partnership opportunities. The online showcase will be held from today to October 16th, 2015, and the New York City physical showroom located on the 4th floor of the beautiful Korean Consulate Building (460 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022) will be held from September 28th until October 8th, 2015, and also extended from October 13th to 16th, 2015.

Online Product Sourcing
Those who are not able to visit the New York showroom in person are certainly welcomed to review the companies and products online as well as send inquiries for additional information(catalog, price, specs, MOQ) directly to exhibitors by October 16th, 2015 by clicking on CONTACT SUPPLIER below. Any inquiry will be responded by exhibitors along with the assistance from the Korea International Trade Association (KITA).

New York City Showroom
The New York City Showroom will be on display from September 28th to October 8th, 2015, and also from October 14th to 16th, 2015 (Extension). Showroom viewing is complimentary, but products can only be viewed appointment-basis. Those that are in the New York City metro area are encouraged to attend in order to review and experience the latest products firsthand. A KITA representative will be available at the showroom in order to provide individual care and curate the products as well as provide additional information that are on hand. Pre-registration / appointments can be signed up here.


Note : This event is open ONLY to the trade – industry executives and professionals. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us.


Aquain Aquain

Be a better cook with the award-winning Soyou brand cookware by Aquain. Their innovative design focuses on proper air circulation to eliminate odor and is combined with surface controlled heat distribution to cook food evenly to create a satisfying meal. Available in two lines: Home and Industrial.

MJ Industry is a cookware company with the core focus on non-stick coating technology. With decades of experience in Ceramic coating, Diamond coating and Titanium coating and more, their Chefrun line of cookware has been well received around Asia in retailers, and home shopping networks alike. With a great product line and the capability to develop new lines, MJ industry serves as an excellent partner in the cookware industry.
Sposis Sposis
Food Containers, Cutting Board

Sposis is a kitchenware company that developed the Biomaid Brand. The eclectic product offerings include products such as Bio-Plastic Wood Cutting boards, Air-Tight Storage Containers, Plasma applied Stoneware, IH Cooking Pots and more. By applying Nano-Technology on natural polymers with natural edible anti-bacterial arkshell on Biomaid products, Sposis have received several patents and was also rewarded the Good Design Award, making them one of the top companies in the Asian market.
Outriger Outriger
Yogurt Maker, Cheese Maker
Outriger is a versatile company that mostly focuses in the food and ingredient industries. Developing and exporting anything from salt, extracts, snacks as well as seafood powders such as oyster, crab, and sweet potato and additives; Outriger a trusted company with the capability of sourcing and logistics that makes them a great partner in the food industry in the Asian market. For this showcase, Outriger is presenting their new products include DIY yogurt and cheese makers that brings the fun and freshness into the home.
Mug Warmer

The OD believes that great products can come from the smallest ideas. As an example, they developed the HOTTOP line, which keeps your beverages warm in the home, office, and even the car in those cold and wintery days. Simple in design and minimal in terms of looks, their HOTTOP products provides excellent function to the daily needs of many providing a sense of pleasure everyday.
Kitchen Sponge and Scrubbers

ShinIl is a manufacturer of effective eco-friendly cleaning products such as scrubber, multi purpose cloth, sponge cloth, stainless steel scourers, and brass scrubber. Their diversified and durable products can be used anywhere in the kitchen, bathroom, and even in the garden. Demand for their products have continuously increase in Europe, CIS, Middle East and South America, as they are used where stronger cleaning power is required unlikely the new fabric type products that have been recently launched.
Myung Jin Myung Jin
Kitchen / Dish racks, Organizers, Pantry Systems

Myung Jin Co is a processing specialized company of steel and stainless wire since 1978. Since its origin, they have worked with some of the leading brands such as Samsung and LG to develop various home and kitchen products as well as industrial processing for companies such as Posco. With their expertise, they offer various products such as racks, organizers, pantry systems, and other organizers to keep homes clean and organized. An eclectic product line and capabilities is what Myung Jin offers to the consumers.
Airvita Airvita
Air Purifiers for Home and Car
Airvita aims to adopt a new concept for the air purifier industry in taking a more effective, eco-friendly approach. Unlike the existing air purifier system that requires difficult management and high maintenance cost, Air Vita can be simply cleaned with water; it barely has any maintenance cost. By emitting a large amount of anion, Air Vita improves the indoor environment. It reduces or eliminates harmful substances, molds, and various bacteria in the air. Air Vita’s products will care for your family’s health and look great while doing it.
Health Seek Create Health Seek Create
Adjustable Foam Pillow

Not all foam pillows are created equal, the Health Seek Create Adjustable Pillow allows for a better, sounder sleep by adjusting the pillow height to provide the most comfort and support for your health and well-being.
Shower Head and Faucet Aerator

Lona Bubble product line generates tiny micro bubbles(50μm-diameter) when using the shower or sink taps. The results include benefits for the skin such as better cleansing of the pores and exfoliation, as well as an eco-friendly effect in the dramatic reduction of required water pressure.Winning awards and being distributed in all corners of the global market, Lona Bubble are simple solutions to improving the quality of water used everyday. MEC incorporates the natural characteristic and benefits of ordinary tap water into something extraordinary.
Softrong Softrong
Shower and Sink Faucet Head

Softrong develops shower fixtures that focus on two clear factors; maximizing water pressure using the least amount of water usage. Starting from trying to become the part of the global solution for water conservation, countless hours of research and development resulted in a patented multi-functional and high performance shower spray plates enabling the increase of water pressure and the adjustment of water discharge. Softrong’s water saving shower fixtures are being rapidly adopted around the world as the balance of quality of life while being eco-friendly.
Tae Young Electronics Tae Young Electronics
Electric Blanket

Tae Young Electronics has developed electric blankets that incorporate natural benefits and functions of red clay and charcoal to provide consumers with warmth they need in those cold days and nights.Tae Young Electronics has decades of experience in heating technology and products. From hot air blowers, immersion heaters, cast heaters, ceramic band heater, finned air heaters, cartridge heaters, carbon heaters, halogen heaters and so on; they have mastered the field of heating technologies.
Motz Motz
Wooden USB Drives and Accessories

Motz is a design company that designs various products such as radios, mp3 players, speakers, usb memory, and other desk and office products utilizing wood as the main material. Also providing DYI features, customers are also able to customize their own products with their wood casings and electronic components in addition to their finished lineup.
wimaginist W!maginist
Personal Accessories and Stationery Products

W!maginist is a young design company that develops living and stationery products that accentuates everyday life. Creating anything from memo broads, mobile device stands, and penholders, they take a fun and unique approach to their product development. Well priced and adorable in design, W!maginist’s products make great accessories and gifts at the right price.
ouch-Sensitive Watches
Valook seeks to change the watch game by introducing its LED Touch-Sensitive watches. With it’s touch-sensitive screen, time can be illustrated in multiple ways and the face is also customizable in terms of graphics so it has branding / corporate gifting possibilities as well. Rechargeable via USB, totally minimal in design; Valook’s LED watches is a unique accessory for gifts and promotional uses.
Toeot Toeot
Customizable Footwear
Toeot’s inspiration for their footwear and function is quite interesting in the fact that the designs originate from African cultures. With a DIY (Design It Yourself) and multifunctional factors, Toeot’s simple footwear and accessories can turn them into multiple designs depending on the comfort and functional needs of the wearer. With their TA Sandal, Aqua Shoes, and Gladiator Shoes lines; simplicity, fun, comfort and unique design are the distinguish trademarks of TOEOT brand.
mankind Mankind Project
Phone Charging cords

Mankind Project is the first Korean company that received full funding for it’s product group from the popular crowdsourcing website, Kickstarter, with in 3 days no less. Their Bench Soft brand develop s mobile accessories and has garnered attention for their lighting UBS charger for Apple products that charges two times faster than other cords. Also utilizing Apple’s MFI chipsets, the cables are produced as a genuine cable where the cable is not rejected when charging. Not all chargers are created equally and the Bench Soft cables represent one of the best in the world.
Uwin UWin CNT
Phone Cases

UWin CNT is a mobile device accessory company that designs minimal, yet expresses thoughtful products with an array of color ways and styles. With the combination of design capabilities, and international distribution experience; UWin is a great supplier of cost-effective and expressive products that protects the popular mobile devices of today.
Uwin Bioshield
Screen protector

Bioshield develops antibacterial screen protectors and is the only Korean company that is certificated ISO22196 by SIAA( Society of Industrial technology for Antimicrobial Articles). Bioshield features outstanding antimicrobial performance and safety, with its antibiotics coating and antimicrobial prescribing technology made with PET material. The combination of protection and antibacterial functions make Bioshield one of the best performing mobile device screen protectors in the market today.
Pontree Pontree
Screen Protectors

Pontree is a green company that designs and develops accessories for today’s mobile devices. Established in 2008, it’s recent success is their “Healing Shield” product line that provides screen protection for the latest popular devices including the iWatch™. As one of the first purchases for mobile devices, and the capability in design and manufacturing Pontree’s Healing Shields offers excellent protection for your customers.
Happy Mori Happymori
Phone Cases

Happymori designs accessory items that can show unique individuality and sense of youth in the belief that digital accessories are more fashion items and expressions then just function.Designing everything from phone cases, pouches and bags, and other cute accessories; Happymori provides an incredible selection of designed mobile and fashion accessories. Comfortable and pleasant illustration of common daily life, and sensuous and unique designs is how Happy Mori connects with its customers.
HyunMin HyunMin
Bluetooth Speakers and Earphones

HyunMin (HM) develops various home goods as well as personal audio products. Their current popular lineup includes smart Bluetooth speakers, as well as earphones. Recently, working with the skating queen Yuna Kim, HM developed her own line of personal audio products that fans adore as a way of connecting with the superstar. With a variety of product categories, HM serves as a good starting point of sourcing new products.
Sil-Star Sil-Star
Digital Artist Brush for iPad

Sil-Star has decades of history in the cosmetic tools industry. From makeup brushes, applicators, puffs as well as boxes and sets; their lineup is eclectic and ranging and used by makeup professionals and consumers all around the world. Pushing their technology and design even further, Sil-Star introduces its amazing new Digital Artist Brush for mobile tablets to serve as a creative tool for the digital age and its artists.
Tronix Tronix Plus
Mosquito Repellent Device

Tronix is inspired by humanism, the environment, simplicity and rational elegance when developing their products. Their recent products, the Repello line, is one of the prime examples of these philosophies. The Repello is a portable electronic mosquito repellent device that is designed in a simple and elegant way that seamlessly incorporates to our daily lives. Great for those that enjoy the outdoors or just simply detest mosquitos; Repello is a great example of form and function.
JM idea JM idea
Portable Cooler

JM Idea is a design company that strives to make life more convenient and enjoyable through its products. Their recent development is the Cool Helper, a beverage cooler that keeps drinks cool or warm depending on the need, which has been a great accessory for those that particularly enjoys the outdoor and active living. As a holder of multiple patents and trademarks, JM Idea continues to innovate add little pleasures in life.
gmc camping cooker Good Morning Corporation
Flameless Cooker

Good Morning Co. is a company that focuses on developing houseware and cookware and their products are in the homes of many. They recently expanded into to take their knowhow to the outdoor space expanding their product lines to cater to the camping world offering couple of accessories. In particular, their Lycan Cookout line, which is a just-add-water flameless cooking system, has been an absolute hit an a must due to it’s size, ease of use and safety.
askinDR askinDR
Snail Extract Skin Care and Mask

Seindni is a cosmetic and skincare manufacturer that produces for 60+ brands around the world. Leveraging their experience, they developed a skincare line, “askinDr,” which includes cosmetic products such as moisture and eye cream, skin toner, emulsion, gel cream, face mask,O2 bubble pack wash as well as the ever popular BB cream, CC cream. Utilizing SNAIL EXTRACTS, the askinDR line provides multiple benefits and is rapidly growing popular.
BIT Cleansing Pore Brush BIT
Cleansing Pore Brush
The BIT’s Cleansing Pore Brush uses 18 million fine-layered bristles to help remove impurities and keep skin fresh and clean. Brush is available in both manual and automatic models.As one of the top sellers in large cosmetic retailers in Asia, BIT is excited to introduce both models to the American market.
Habalan Habalan
Skin Care Device
Habalan is comprised of specialized products, advanced sonic vibration cleanser and beauty devices with multi-functions, focusing on the aesthetic idea of beauty. Combining technology with skin care; they offer a variety of devices that utilize wireless radio frequency device, wired radio frequency device, pobling as well as a line of skin care cosmetic products. Its utilization of sophisticated technology, excellent industrial designs, and results makes Habalan products stand out from the crowd.
Body Posture Enhancement Belt

Improve your overall health with better posture and balance with the Body Posture Enhancement Belt which adjusts your spine, waist, hips and pelvis to their corrected position.Since many health problems originate from bad posture, Goodin spent 10 years to perfect the easy-to-wear Body Posture Enhancement Belt so that better health can be easily achieved with a solution that is simple and economic.
Hyunjin Hyunjin International
Health Socks

Hyunjin International is a hosiery company that develops an array of fashion and functional socks. With decades of experience, their line up includes specialty socks such as socks for diabetics, medical socks, massage socks, non-binding socks, anti-odor / bacteria sock as well as an array of fashion socks. With the capability to design and manufacture new lines with a proven record, and with its existing lines; Hyunjin represents one of the leading suppliers in the hosiery market.
Home Care Home Care Co
Eco-friendly Baby Products

Home Care Co develops eco-friendly and safe products for infants. All from baby rattles & teething toys, baby tableware and other baby-related products are made from corn resin(PLA; eco-friendly corn material which was made from fermented glucose obtained from corn starch), and are continuously placing effort into developing more needful products. Working with one of the largest retailer in the world, Home Care provides the products and the experience that makes them an attractive solution for new products in the infant market.
Wildcat Wildcat
Toddler Shoes

Wildcat Is a manufacturer and owner of the brand, Attipas, which offers functional toddler shoes and is currently exported to over 30 countries worldwide. Their footwear offers a variety of adorable designs, convenience in wearing and washing, light weight and flexible, breathable, helps to develop motor skills and made with non-hazardous materials as safety of the child always comes first. A proven brand and products is what Wildcat and its Attipas offers all over the world.
Baby Skin Care and Baby Products

Specializing in baby products, Agabang & Company is the industry leader with over 860 international retail stores, decades of research and development experience and continuous investment in everything baby related, their products range from baby skin care, maternity and baby clothes, breastfeeding products, baby carriages, car seats, pregnancy goods and much much more.
Naturnic Bangwool Land
Bubble Maker

Bangwool Land Co. focuses on one fun goal; making the best bubble-making solution for children and parents alike in creating and playing with giant bubbles. Offering both the starter kits and refillable bubble solutions, the Magic Bubble Solution P Set has the safety certifications and are being used all over the world. With this set, children and parents can play wonderful and fun games with large and lasting bubbles that will amaze people of all ages.
Amazing Grace A.N.S. Development
Umbrella Wrapper
The OMNIPACK automatic umbrella wrapping machine comes with a sturdy, durable, modern design available in multiple sizes that can easily be relocated to anywhere. No electricity, no battery, no pedal required.A.N.S. Development is a manufacturer and an exporter of wet umbrella wrapping machines and wrapping bags. Since 2001, A.N.S. received two patents for their designs and is utilized by global retail and hotel chains.
Natural Red Clay Coating
“Pure Natural Red Clay Coating” contains 100% natural raw materials with 10 different color variations. This is easy to use, non-flammable wall covering incorporates natural beauty and offers your customers an eco-friendly alternative.E.O. Hwangto takes on the paint and wall coverings industry with a new and patented approach.
LED Traffic Light Signaler

The LED Traffic Safety Signal is an innovative way to signal and alert traffic of emergency situations. This magnetic alerting device can be attached to a vehicle or held in hand to signal and guide traffic. The baton can be shaped into an arrow for clear indication of direction. Lightweight and durable, the signaler can be used for the individual consumer or law enforcement and can be placed in the trunk or emergency vehicles for quick retrieval.Woosungplatec’s mission is to make our roads safe for everyone.