Korea Pavilion’s Premier Buyer Program @ Summer Fancy Food Show 2015

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Korea Pavilion is delighted to announce its special Buyer Program at the 2015 Summer Fancy Food Show at Javits Center in New York City from Sunday, June 28 to Tuesday, June 30, 2015.

This program is designed to be an appointment-only event for food/beverage industry retail buyers, importers and wholesalers/distributors in the United States and beyond. Korea Pavilion will feature the latest products from over 30 exhibitors ranging from kimchi, seaweed snacks, natural/organic snacks for children and adults alike, healthy functional beverages and teas, sauce/condiment, and even pre-prepared meals; this event aims to help develop new and exclusive sourcing, trade and partnership opportunities as well as discover more interesting product mixes for US food companies and their customers.

Appointments will take place in a private setting at the Business Lounge of Korea Pavilion according to your interests and convenience. Our exhibitors will be prepared in advance and be ready to provide you with essential information and use your time efficiently.


  • VIP support Before, During, and After Fancy Food Show by one of our Korea Pavilion specialist
  • Pre-arranged 15-30 minutes meetings with the suppliers of your choice in a private setting (Interpreters provided as needed)
  • Further assistance with searching for suppliers from Korea beyond the exhibitors at the Fancy Food Show


This program is complementary for food industry buyers who qualify and register in advance. Since space/time slots are limited, so register today to reserve your spot. Our representative will contact you once we process your request.



Asia Seed Co., Ltd. (Vegetable Seed, Baby Leaf Seed, Sprout Seed)
Asia Seed focuses on researching and developing an eclectic group of fruit, vegetable and herb seeds that enhance the natural and unique properties through their decades of experience since 1992. As a result, they came up with the upmost quality seed, such as melon, cucumber, tomato, broccoli, sprouts, radish, and spinach. For the grouping popularity of home growing and healthy lifestyle, Asia Seed Co. will be the best start for both domestic and commercial growing.
Chammi Food Co., Ltd. (Instant Bibimbap, Instant Ramen and Rice)
Chammi Food brings convenience of cooking into the traditional flavors of Korean homemade food everywhere. Through countless trials of refining fresh tastes and ingredients, their Bibimbap (popular Korean mixed rice dish), along with other products such as ramen noodle and soup, has been recognized as one of the best tasting ready meals in the market. A taste of Korea can be enjoyed with simply a cup of hot water when camping, hiking, or even at emergencies.
Cheong A Good Food Co.,Ltd. (Pickled and Seasoned Alaska Pollack Roe, Entrails, and Cuttlefish)
Cheong A Good focuses its expertise in marinated seafood and vegetable side dishes with a flavorful kick; staples on any Korean table. Chung A Good offers flavorful products that have been enjoyed for hundreds of years in Korea such as salted-fermented cuttlefish, seasoned green peppers, black beans cooked in soy sauce, and boiled lotus root.
Chungwoo Life Science Co.,Ltd. (Pre-made Black Bean Sauce, Beef Rib Soup, and Spicy Chicken Soup)
Chungwoo brings dishes found at local Korean restaurants to home table. By shortening the cooking time of traditional and tasty dishes such as beef rib stew, spicy chicken soup, and black bean soup, they reduces the hassle of preparing the dishes and the cost of dining out. With the experience of developing health and functional foods and ingredients, Chungwoo’s food products represent the combination of tradition, taste, health, and convenience.
Dae Chun Laver Co.,Ltd. (Seaweed Snack)
Dae Chun Laver creates a number of variations in flavors utilizing laver as its key ingredient. Once a secret for centuries, the health benefits of laver is rapidly becoming well known throughout Western cultures nowadays. Under the Choi’s 1 brand, the variety of tastes include wasabi, hot & spicy, teriyaki and more. Dae Chun Laver products are delicious gift given from the sea.
Daesang FNF Corporation (Kimchi)
Daesang FNF develops various food products including side dishes, sauces, and tofu. Amongst all, they are globally known for their Kimchi products. Antibiotic properties and other numerous health benefits of Kimchi are acclaimed worldwide, and many large Western food grocers continue to have shelf spaces for Kimchi products. Refining the ancient techniques of fermentation, Daesang FNF represent one of the best Kimchi products from Korea.
Delice Co.,Ltd. (Bakery Machine, Large Taiyaki Machine)
Delice has enjoyed its success with the cute fish-shaped Kroean pastry snack, which can be found anywhere on the streets in Korea. Comparable to French cream puff, a reporter from the Village Voice even stated that this creamy-centered snack “seems poised to become a local addiction.” Under the brand Delimanjoo, Delice distributes its snack and the patented equipment to provide delicious and healthy option to snacking.
Dongwoodang Pharmacy Co.,Ltd. (Organic Tangerine Peel Tea and Red Ginseng Tangerine Peel Tea)
Dongwoodang focuses on maximizing the natural health benefits from herbs and teas. Started by the doctors of Asian medicine, their products include Organic Tangerine Peel Tea, and Red Ginseng Tangerine Peel Tea. The core values for their tea products are the strong aroma and flavors from the tea that has been cultivated in the most natural ways.
Ganghwa Red Ginseng Co.,Ltd. (Red Ginseng Extract and Red Ginseng Slice)
Ganghwa is all about one ingredient: ginseng. Ginseng has been globally recognized as a highly healthy food, and Ganghwa have put all their efforts into developing the best ginseng products in the world. Through their R&D in their top facilities, their products include red ginseng extracts and slices that can be either drank or cooked in popular dishes.
GitDeum Co.,Ltd. (Crispy Baked Laver Snacks)
GitDeum takes the traditional flavor of laver and makes them into delicious crispy snacks. With several flavors such as onion, beans, and black garlic, these snacks are especially great for children who normally find the look and taste of laver unattractive. The health benefits of laver combined with great taste will be an excellent guilt-free snack for all ages.
Glami Co.,Ltd. (Natural Herbal Drinks for Hangovers)
Glami develops a patented natural herbal health drink. The drink is good for stamina, diabetes, and even for hangovers. Although the Western market is relatively unacquainted with hangover products, Glami has been enjoying the good reputation with its products and their detoxifying effects in Asian markets for many years.
Good Morning Foods (GMF) Co.,Ltd. (Frozen Dumplings)
Good Morning Goods (GMF) loves their dumplings and the affection is shown in their products. With over 20 years of experience in offering a range of different types of dumplings and flavors, GMF provides the taste of handmade dumplings and the experience of easy cooking. With GMF’s products, delicious dumplings can be enjoyed conveniently at home.
Harim Corporation (Pre-made Ginseng Chicken Stew)
Harim, one of the largest companies in Korean food industry, simplifies the painstaking process of making traditional healthy Korean soups with their ready-made products. Especially with the traditional Korean ginseng chicken stew(“Samgyetang”), whole chicken stuffed with rice ginseng, chestnut, jujube and vegetables in a seasoned chicken broth, Harim uses the freshest chicken with vegetables and herbal ingredient to offer exceptional taste Korean food.
JF&B Co.,Ltd. (Praline, Chocolate Decorations)
Korean confectionaries and baked goods are becoming more and more popular in the world today and JF&B is one of the best confectionary company in Korea. Offering a diverse range of products such as chocolates, cookies, cakes, and pies, JF&B brings delicious treats mastered from years of experience since 1996. JF&B’s line of products also delivers an authentic and premium taste of products.
JJ Trading Co. (Aloe Drinks)
JJ Trading has quickly emerged in the health drink market with their brand, Genie Farms, and their flavors of aloe drinks. With various flavors including pomegranate, mango, pineapple in addition to the traditional aloe drink, Genie Aloe drinks not only offer the healthy aspects of aloe, but also the great taste.
Korea Salt Co.,Ltd. (Roasted Bamboo Salt)
Korea Salt’s mission is to prove that not all salts are created equally. Korea Salt focuses on Bamboo salt that has been touted to have antiseptic and antiviral health properties. Discovered by a legendary Korean doctor about a hundred years ago, bamboo salt extracts the positive properties of salt and provides excellent taste. A unique and complex process only mastered by Korea Salt, this salt is simply different from what is out in the market today.
Manjun Foods Co.,Ltd. (Seaweed Snack, Seaweed Salad Toppings)
Manjun’s laver products are known for their crunchiness. The health benefits of this staple in Korean food are becoming well known throughout the Western cultures lately. To better cater the Western market, they offer variety of flavors including the classic sea salt, wasabi, spicy pepper and also a version of laver that can be used as a salad topping. Manjun’s laver can be added to rice or salad to add crunchiness into the dish.
Marine Bioprocess Co.,Ltd. (Low Sodium Salt)
Marine Bioprocess is a health food company that researches and develops various health products extracted from the sea. Under the brand Blue Bodyguard From Sea, they offer products that are the culmination of a decade of research focusing on natural health benefits such as DE:Na salt, a low sodium salt, Liver Safe Life for liver health, and Organ Safe Life for intestinal health.
MDS Asia Co.,Ltd. (Frozen Udon, Soba, Ramen Noodles and Rice Cake)
MDS Asia manufactures a variety of Korean food products from Kimchi, noodles, rice cakes, laver to snacks and drinks. Their recently-launched honey chili paste gained attentions from European and Middle-Eastern market in addition to Asian market. MDS Asia’s eclectic categories of food products offer various opportunities.
Miwami Co.,Ltd. (Honey Citron, Lemon, Jujube, Ginger, Black Raspberry Teas)
Miwami is quickly entering international tea market with its existing presence in the markets such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan. Taking pride in the ancient tradition of tea, they offer a range of honey tea flavors such as citron, lemon, jujube, ginger and black raspberry. With the health benefits of honey, these diverse product lines are suitable for anyone’s taste.
NFood (Metome) Co.,Ltd. (ADE Mixed Drinks – Citron, Lemon, Ginger, Pear, Grapefruit, Blueberry, Pomegranate)
Metome Food provides ADE mixers that are healthy and easy to apply. In addition to their convenient drink mixes, they also offer healthy snack composed of red ginseng, vinegar, and collagen in a jelly form, which can be more enjoyable simply as a snack or even a daily supplement. Metome products are the ways to enjoy the healthy and delicious drinks and snacks.
Namyang Dairy Products (Instant Americano, Cappuccino, Korean Ginseng Coffee Mix)
Namyang is well known as the first dairy company in Korea and has been developing trusted products since 1964. Although their dairy-related product categories are vast, their recent Namyang French Café coffee products experienced great success. Coming in Café au lait, Cappuccino, Hazelnut, Mocha Choco, and Caramel Macchiato flavors, their products are made from premium Arabica coffee beans and the fresh milk. Namyang’s products have proven their superiority in the extremely competitive coffee market in Korea.
Natural Choice Co.,Ltd. (Organic Apple, Pear, Strawberry Chips etc.)
They have to motto of developing delicious food products in the most natural and organic way. Using organically farmed produce with no additives, Natural Choice offers fruit chips, jams, and beverages. Their fruit chips, which comes in apple, pear, strawberry, mandarin, blueberry and even tomato flavors, has gained a lot of attention, in particular. Incorporating healthy alternatives to our daily lives is what Natural Choice is all about.
N-Choice Co.,Ltd. (Healthy Yam Meal with 15 Grains, Ginkgo Nut Yam Gruel, Occidentalis Black Bean Yam Gruel)
N-Choice focuses on making healthy porridge with natural and healthy ingredients. With ingredients like yam, pumpkin, black bean, and ginko nut N-Choice’s porridge products are excellent in taste and easy to make. Koreans have enjoyed the taste and health benefits of porridge for centuries, and N-Choice wishes to spread its benefit to the rest of the world.
Ocean Star Co.,Ltd. (Dried Sea Cucumber, Dried Mushroom etc.)
Ocean Star is located on Jeju Island, a rich resource of high quality seafood and maritime products. They focus particularly on being the leading suppliers of dried sea cucumbers, which have been proven by Asian culture and top chefs to have cancer-prevention, anticoagulant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Ocean Star aims to spread these benefits of their products beyond their current demand market, China and Hong Kong, to the Western market.
OKF Corporation (Aloe Vera, Coffee, Energy, Sparkling, Ice Tea, Coco Drinks)
OKF is a leading multi-category beverage company that currently is active in international market. Their products are in more than 150 countries all over the world, and popular retailers such as Costco, Walmart, Tesco, and Krogers are offering more of OKF’s products on their shelves. Amongst their numerous health, functional and soft drinks they offer, their USDA and EU certified organic aloe drink has been the biggest hit. The combination of excellent product selection and lengthy experience is what lets OKF stand out.
SaltN Corporation Ltd. (Roasted Salt)
SaltN processes their salt for 1,460 days to get the best salt product. More known as their brand, 1460 Salt Days, their premium salt is sourced from a region famous for vitamin C content in Korea and processed in ceramic kilns to result in one of the highest grade of natural salt in the world. Usage for cooking and cosmetic purpose, SaltN continues to push the boundaries on what is possible with good salt and a healthy life.
Taekyung Food (Sushi Nori, Seaweed Snack, etc.)
Taekyung present more of the traditional laver and seaweed enjoyed in many East-Asian countries. For centuries, laver has been served as one of the staple ingredients in Asian cuisines. Focusing solely on laver products, they offer numerous flavors and styles to fit different uses and occasions of laver.
Tium International (Seaweed Snack, Brown Rice Puff, Roasted Seaweed, Natto Choco, Natto Chocolate, etc.)
Tium International, under the brand Circle Food, develops healthy food products that particularly fits children. Their recent success is the iSnack line, a brown rice puffs made with fermented soybeans and no oil. The flavors come in spinach, strawberry, and cheese. The popularity of this snack stems from the parents looking for healthy and delicious snacks for their children.

* This program is a part of Korea Pavilion being held at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2015 so you must register Summer Fancy Food Show 2015 in advance in order to participate.
** Korea Pavilion is presented by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of Republic of Korea, Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries of Republic of Korea, Korea Forest Service and aT (Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation).