Korea Innovation & Design Showcase 2014

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The Korea International Trade Association (KITA) is delighted to announce the continuation of its Showcase Series; the Korea Innovation & Design Showcase 2014.

Korea Innovation & Design Showcase 2014 is designed as a virtual and physical by appointment-only showcase event for U.S.-based retail buyers, merchandisers, sourcing teams, wholesalers / distributors, and manufacturers in order to provide exclusive first-in-line access to a diverse range of emerging Home, Kitchen, Baby Products and Smartphone Accessories – Kitchen Gadgets, Home Goods, Interior Decor, Bathroom Appliance, Baby Apparel, Nursery Accessories, Phone Cases, Tech Gadgets & Accessories. Participant of the event will gain exclusive access to 20 of the top and emerging Korean suppliers and their vast offerings of their latest designs and innovations.

This showcase will be held both online and offline for a limited time in order to provide new and exclusive sourcing, trade, and partnership opportunities for U.S. companies, and the online showcase will be held August 6th to August 29th, 2014, while the offline physical showroom in New York City will be held from August 22nd to August 29th.

Come see new products and suppliers before any other company does as most products are being presented for the first time in the U.S., and connect with Korean manufacturers / suppliers that can provide outstanding quality and product design capabilities that can help to develop new business and revenue opportunities in your business.

Online Product Showroom
Attendees can participate in the event from anywhere in the world from August 6 to August 29, 2014. For those with interest in working with the Korean manufacturer or with any other questions; inquiries can be made directly to the manufacturers at Tradekorea.com. Tradekorea.com is KITA’s international B2B marketplace, where buyers and Korean companies can connect from all around the globe. Click here to learn more about our exhibitors.

NY NOW (Booth #6022)

The Korea International Trade Association(KITA) is exhibiting some of the featured products from Korea Innovation & Design Showcase 2014 at the NY NOW expo in New York City. KITA’s NY NOW Booth at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center is being exhibited from August 17-20 at Booth #6022. (9 AM – 6 PM daily; 2 PM close on Wednesday, August 20) Separate registration is required via NY NOW website or on-site. In order to view the entire line of products; sign up at the below link and attend Korea Innovation & Design Showcase 2014 at KITA’s NYC Showroom from August 22-29.

New York City Showroom
The New York City Showroom will be on display from August 22 to August 29, 2014. The Showroom viewing is a free admission and on an appointment-basis and those that are in the New York City local area are encouraged to attend in order to review and experience the latest products firsthand. A KITA representative will be available at the showroom in order to curate the products as well as provide additional information. Pre-registration is mandatory, and registration / appointments can be signed up here.

– Date : August 6 (Wed) – August 29, 2014 (Fri) – Date: August 22(Fri) – August 29 (Fri)
– Website : TradeKorea.com – Location : KITA New York, 460 Park Avenue, 4th floor, New York, NY 10022 (57th street)
– Fee : Complimentary – Fee : Complimentary



Note : Korea Innovation & Design Showcase 2014 is open ONLY to the trade – industry executives and professionals. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us.


Amazing Grace Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace has been developing various design and promotional products since 1999.They currently produce products under four brands; Ecoco, Smaart, Amazing Humidifier, andAmazing Air Purifier.Although Amazing Grace maintains a variety of product categories; their recent success products have been their Air humidifiers and purifiers which are innovative in terms of design, and accessible in terms of costs.Combining wellbeing with innovation and design; Amazing Grace provides usability and design in their product line.
ATNS Group focuses on their line of air purifiers under the brand Clair. Both innovative in design and function, the Clair line provides a fresh perspective within its market.Clair air purifiers are energy efficient, produces no hazardous secondary substances, and safe for any environment. Clair is aiming to create healthy air with innovative technology.ATNS Group has currently launched two different models of the Clair air purifiers and is in the mist of developing air purifiers for the automotive and larger spaces as well.
Clembon is the leader in NP microfiber products in which they develop and manufacture the highest quality NP microfiber items on the market.Under the brand “Catch Mop”, Clembon products products that include cleaning cloths, microfiber mops, microfiber mopping pads, and microfiber socks.Korea still reigns as one of the top producers of microfiber products, and Clembon has mastered the ability of combining high quality microfiber materials with everyday usability resulting in being one of the best options for these types of products in the market.
S&H Global Trade S&H Global Trade
S&H Global Trade is a design and supply company that produces an eclectic variety of design and promo products such as umbrellas, handkerchiefs, phone cases, and cushions.They recently experienced success with their printed items that feature paintings by famous artists such as Gogh and Monet. S&H also has the customization capabilities to develop new product lines as well.In all; S&H offers high quality products with 250 different designs made with rich colors and luxury materials.They are also in the works to expand their offerings by developing silicon kitchen utensils in the near future.
E2 Collection E2 Collection
E2 Collection has been designing and distributing their craft and stationary products under the brand “Dailylike.”Dailylike sells a variety of products include knitting yarn, sewing materials, scrapbook materials, stationary, and living ware (bed covers, kitchenware, etc.).Offering a unique and different twist to the design and craft market; E2 collection offers a new source for those seeking high quality products and materials to add to the enjoyment of crafting and the little details in the customers’ daily lives.
GNS Tech Co., Ltd. GNS Tech Co., Ltd.
GNS Tech Co., Ltd offers home and office accessories that combines design, technology, and art into all their products.The overall theme / goal is “Convergence,” where art, design, and technology are all combined to create unique, aesthetically pleasing yet functional items to provide a little spice in our daily lives.Their most recent success items are their Robot line, where fun designs are incorporated with function.Especially great for the design and gift markets as memorable pieces.
CLEMBON Silverex Co.
Silverex’s goal is to combine innovation and wellbeing in developing products for body and skin care.Their recent success comes with their Ag Foam Sterilizing Humidifier which utilizes the innovation of their patented nano silver technology known as “silver foam.”Utilizing the natural antibiotic characteristics of silver (approved by the USDA), Silverex offers a new alternative to wellbeing, and incorporates their patented technology with excellent product design to offer unique products and solutions to the body and skin care market.
JM Green is striving to develop new products to make your life more convenient and comfortable.They are equipping with advanced technology and up-to-date idea items including ‘RRe’, freezing condiment container, to explore into new markets.JM Green aims to become the leading company for customers by conducting R&D for their household and kitchenware products.
Naturnic Naturnic Co., Ltd
Naturnic is an eco-living brand that produces eco-friendly kitchenware products using harmless materials since 2008.Specializing in contemporary kitchenware; Naturnic’s products are basic in necessity, yet absolutely high quality in terms of materials and function, and modern and minimalistic in terms of design; perfect for today’s kitchenware market.Naturnic is poised to become a global brand and is becoming one of the most trusted Korean kitchenware companies to markets worldwide.
CLEMBON Kodaecs Co., Ltd
Kodaecs offers a variety of high quality tupperware products under the brand “Hulock.”Hulock is a line of tupperware containers that offers a vacuum which guarantees freshness in foods with its airtight technology. These airtight containers will prevent exposure to external air and remove germ laden air from within.Developed with the highest and safest materials, and colorful and simple designs; Kodaecs offers one of the premium line of products in the market today.
Babiz Korea Babiz Korea Inc.
Babiz Korea develops various baby products under four brands; Angel B, Mothers Baby, Babylonia, and Intraceuticals.As one of the premiere Korean companies in this particular market; Babiz Korea always designs with the safety of the babies in mind, then design and functionality of their products. Their products include underwear, outerwear, accessories, bedding, nursing cushions, kangaroo baby carriers, and skincare for women.Their goal is to become a global company that offers products with health and quality of life for both the mother and the child in mind.
Atlier Atlier
Atlier Inc. designs unique and adorable ergonomic shoes for children ages up to 5 years old.Under the brand “Attipas,” their products are known to be light as a sock, yet more supportive than a pre-walker which helps to ergonomically support babies first steps and the steps after. Attipas shoes are made out of 100% non-toxic materials and no use of formaldehyde, guaranteeing the safety of the baby.Currently Attipas are available in 8 styles, 4 sizes from birth to 40 months, and is one of the top rising baby products in Korea.
INMOK (Man & Wood) has dedicated themselves in developing premium products utilizing wood materials from all over the world.Their current hit products are their wood phone cases for popular models such as iPhones and Galaxy phones, and their patented method of combining wood with other materials results in one of the most durable and high quality wood phone cases in the market today.Also, only using finest wood materials that are approve by the FSC (Forrest Stewardship Council); Man & Wood products are not only thoughtfully designed, but are also ethically produced. Their products can be currently found in the top international markets in Europe, Asia, South America and the U.S.Beautifully designed and wood coloring and finishing technics mastered only by Man & Wood; these mobile cases are sure to stand out from other wood phone case manufacturers.
Uni International Uni International Co., Ltd
Uni International is a smart phone accessory company that specializes in using stainless steel and real aluminum to develop their accessories.As one of the only companies licensed by Apple Inc., Uni’s products are minimal in design, yet expresses thoughtful product development with an array of color ways.With the combination of design capabilities, and international distribution experience; Uni International represents a supplier that is market-ready.
Layblock Layblock (Gaze)
Layblock; also known as Gaze, is a company that produces smart phone accessories along with trendy accessories that can be used on a daily basis.Generally known for their genuine leather phone cases, Gaze offers an eclectic group of offerings to provide a variety for any retailer or brand.Always staying abreast of fashion, culture and trends; Gaze develops products that fits the varying tastes of today’s mobile accessories market.
Design Craft Design Craft Co., Ltd
Design Craft Co., Ltd is a company that produces smart phone accessories. Their mission is to develop accessories focusing on sensory functions such as perfect fit, grip, portability, and usability along with a wide variety of colors that will match different styles and taste.Their PASSI smartphone holder and analog speaker in particular was touted as one of 2014’s promising products by the Korean press, and offers a wide range of interesting accessories and design products to provide a range of unique and interesting products for any retailer or brand.
Pons Inc is a young business that manufactures smart phone accessories which engage in unique designs and the protectiveness of cases. Pons phone cases are one of a kind and trend leading that assures quality.
Shin Hyeong Int Shin Hyeong Int Co., Ltd
Shin Hyeong Int Co., Ltd has plenty of experiences and know-how’s in the field of various molding, design, injections and assembly in Korea.From decades of experience of quality manufacturing, Shin Hyeong began to develop their own line of mobile accessory products, particularly focusing on mobile phone mounts and holders.Offering a variety of mounts and holders for every occasions, they develop creative concepts and the ergonomic designs that are ready to be sold as is or collaborate with a brand to develop products together.
ILIAS’ Puzlook is one of the premiere examples of innovative product design from Korea. In fact; the Puzlook won the 2014 Innovations Design and Engineering Award from the CEA as well as being nominated for the international Red Dot Design Award early this year.Recognizing the rapidly rising market of mobile phone photography; the Puzlook offers a mobile case that contains 5 different lenses that can be interchanged by sliding around the lenses within the case. Offering a fisheye, 160 degree super wide, 120 degree wide, 1.5x tele, and 40x macro; the Puzlook contains all the lenses that a mobile photographer would ever need placed into one place for incredible convenience and usability.ILIAS’ goal is for everyone to experience the joy of creating unique photography works through diverse perspectives that will expand the users’ horizons and challenge their creativity. The Puzlook is an excellent ground level opportunity to get introduce one of the most innovative and useful mobile phone case that is available in today’s market.
Withjoy Withjoy Co., Ltd
Withjoy Co., Ltd focuses on the development of multifunctional products that provide convenience and functionality to the users’ daily lives.Their current focus is on multi-function media players and speakers for computers, where one of the example is the Wrist Rest Pad with a speaker built-in, serving the function of both a desk or laptop computer speaker, as well as providing wellbeing for the wrist for heavy computer users.